European Horse Logging Championship 2017

The single horse and pairs logging competitions on Saturday will be shared by participants in the European Championship and so-called "free” participants. The results of these competitions are included in the overall standings of the European Championship. During these competitions the "free” participants have the opportunity to qualify themselves subsequently for the European Championship, given the case they reach a place among the top five in the respective overall rankings. They are then automatically registered for the second run of the Championship on Sunday.

Participation requirement to the
European Horse Logging Championship (EM)

►-  One participant per nation is allowed to start in each competition. Given that only one person is nominated or registrated for each nation, this participant is allowed to start in both competitions in order represent his country.

.   -  The Championship is open to all current national champions.

    -  As for the host country, also the vice champions of the respective categories are allowed to start.

    -  Associations which are members of FECTU may nominate participants for those nations where no national championships have been held.

     - Countries with multiple FECTU member associations or additional horse logger associations should state their nomination by consensus.

   -   As to registrations from nations without FECTU members and corresponding championships, the organizer decides about a nomination for the European Championship.

     - The reigning European champion and the vice-champion are automatically qualified and additionally entitled to start (beyond the respective national quota).

-  Participants in the horse logging competitions on Saturday, who are not officially nominated for the European Championship, are entitled to qualify themselves for the competition on Sunday, and thus to participate in the European Championship, when they gained a ranking among the top five on Saturday

     - The organizer additionally may give up to two green cards to other qualified horse loggers

Reports on EM 2010 und 2011:

Bilder anklicken und vergrößern

The European Masters:

European Master 2017 single: Anton Laux (D), here
with Vladimir Hajdmar (CZ) und Jean-Louis
Cannelle (F).

European Champion 2017: Robert Pritzi (D).

European Master 2016 single and pairs:
Léo Ricard (France)

European Master 2015 single and pairs
Jean Paul Heck from Luxemburg (PferdeStark 2015).

European Master 2014 Singles: Florentin Gullaume (Belgium)

European Master 2014 Pairs: Anton Laux (Germany)

European Master 2013 Singles: Matthias Rensing (Germany)

European Master 2013 Pairs: Matthias Rensing (Germany)

European Master 2012 singles: Jürgen Duddek (Germany)

European Master 2012 Pairs: Matthias Rensing (Germany)

European Master 2011 Sngles: Patrice Breuskin (Belgium)

European Master 2011 Pairs: Matthieu Louis (Belgium)

European Master 2010 Singles: René Richard (Belgium)

European Master 2010 Pairs: Anton Laux (Germany)

Photo: Jean-Léo Dugast, Wolfgang Sprentzel,
Erhard Schroll, Sylvain Chéron